Syllabus for some subjects under Singapore’s compulsory education:

Primary Math (PSLE)

Whole Numbers Area of triangles
Fractions Volume of cubes and cuboids
Decimals Simple algebra
–       Unit conversions
–       Money, length, mass, volume, time, area, perimeter
– //, ⊥ lines, symmetry
– Angles
– triangles
– squares, rectangles
– parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus
Ratio Geometrical figures
–       nets
Percentage Average
Charts and Tables (data analysis) Speed
MoE & SEAB:  MoE 2007 maths syllabus P1-6

MoE new maths syllabus P1-4

Primary Science (PSLE)

Lower (P4) Life Cycles of Animals Three States of Matter
Upper (P5&6) Inheritance of Characteristics Human Reproduction
Reproduction in Plants Three States of Water
Lower (P4) Magnets (characteristics, use, induction, destruction)
Upper (P5&6)



Forces (e.g. elastic, frictional, gravitational) Food chain & food web

·          producers, consumers, decomposers, predators, prey

Living Together

·          Population, habitat, community

·          Effect of environmental conditions, e.g. light, temperature, air flow, soil.


·         Structural, behavioural

Man’s impact on environment
Lower (P4) Light (light sources, shadows, transparency) Heat & temperature

·         Sources

·         Flow of heat

·         Heat gain / loss

·         Changes in states of matter

·         Contraction/ expansion

·         Good and poor heat conductors

Upper (P5&6) Energy in living systems

·         Photosynthesis, respiration, digestion


·         Heat, light, sound, KE, PE, electrical

·         conversions

Sources of energy
Lower (P4) Organization of human body into systems Parts of a plant
Digestive system
Upper (P5&6) Cell structure and function Plant transport system
Human respiratory system Electrical system (components, series, parallel, safety)
Human circulatory system
Lower (P4) Characteristics of living and non-living things Classification into living and non-living things
Unicellular vs multicellular organisms. Plants, Animals, Fungi, Bacteria.
Characteristics of materials
MoE & SEAB: MoE science syllabus P3-6

Secondary Math

Secondary 1
Factors & multiples
–       HCF, LCM, prime factorisation, index notations, square/cube root
Algebraic expressions & formulae Simple equation with 1 variable
Real numbers Algebraic manipulation Angles, triangles & polygons
Approximation & estimation Number patterns Simple inequalities <, >, ≤, ≥
Ratio, proportions, rate, speed Linear graphs & coordinates. y=mx+c Perimeter & area of plane figures
Percentage Data analysis
–       Graphs, tables, charts
Surface area and volume of prisms, cylinders & composite figures
Secondary 2
Proportion Graph of quadratic equations Congruence and similarity
Expansion & factorisation of algebraic expressions Simple algebraic fractions Data analysis
–       Mean, median, mode
–       Dot diagrams
–       Histograms
–       Stem & leaf diagrams
–       Grouped data
Solving quadratic equations Linear equations with 2 variables Measurement of pyramids, cones & spheres.
–       Surface area, volume
Pythagoras’ theorem Trigonometric ratios of acute angles
–       Sine, cosine, tangent
Secondary 3
Indices & standard form Congruency & similarity tests Arc lengths, sector areas & radian measurements.
Quadratic equations Properties of circles Quartiles & percentiles
Linear inequalities Trigonometry application Set languages & notations
Functions and graphs Coordinate geometry
Secondary 4
Distance-time & speed-time graphs Sets Vectors
Standard deviation, mean. Matrices Probability of combined events
Statistical data analysis

MoE Maths O-Level Express syllabus   MoE GCE O-Level 4048 Maths syllabus  MoE GCE O Level 4047 Add Maths syllabus

Lower Secondary Sciences

Physical properties Forces Sound energy
Ray model of light Energy & work done Heat energy
Electrical systems
Chemical composition of matter Particulate nature of matter Chemical reactions
Separation technique Atoms & molecules
Cells Digestion Diversity
Transport in living things
–       Diffusion, osmosis, active transport, membrane biology, plant transport.
Human sexual reproduction Ecosystems
MoE & SEAB: MoE science lower-secondary

 Upper Secondary Sciences

O Level – Biology – 5158 syllabus

O Level – Chemistry – 5073 syllabus

O Level – Physics – 5059 syllabus