Testimonial for tuition by Bedok North Secondary School student who got B4 for English and B3 for Math in O-Levels.

Student started tuition in Sec 3 with F9 in Math & D7 in English. Our tutor helped him to improve to B4 in English & B3 in Math for the O-Level. He attained L1R4 of 13 points, entering a highly popular course of Biomedical Engineering in poly.

Yo Cher this is Boy Ur last year student.
Thanks for teaching me for 2 years.
I got a B4 for English and B3 for Math.
L1R4 – 13 after deduction.
L1R5 – 16 after deduction.

Whoa, amazingly good compared to what we started with!
You’ll have many choices in poly. Choose wisely.

Student: Cher, here’s an update. I got posted to Biomedical Engineering.

Teacher: Well done! A popular choice with low entry score. That’s a path to a key industry in SG too.

Student: Haha thanks Cher. Thanks to your hard work I’m able to survive O Levels.