We provide advisory, personal statement preparation and mock interviews for applicants applying to medical school. We also advise students applying for biomedical degree courses, perhaps with an intention to apply for graduate medicine entry in US/UK/Canada/Australia.


Medical school entry is extremely competitive. A strict UK government quota of 7.5% is in place for non-EU students. This limits the number of places for non-EU students to no more than 25 at the largest medical schools. An Oxbridge collage may have place for just one (1) international student, and this need not be a Singaporean.  The applicant-to-place ratio easily exceeds 20:1 for international students that already meet the academic and financial requirements. Usually, no more than 5 students are admitted from each country to maintain student body diversity.


Applications to medical schools in the United Kingdom must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Prospects need to submit a personal statement with their UCAS application.


All applicants need to take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in the year of UCAS application.

Based on satisfaction of the entry requirements, the UCAS personal statement and BMAT, some applicants are invited for an interview.


An entry offer is made to successful applicants.


Are all medical schools the same ?


What do Admission Tutors look for in the UCAS personal statement ?


What will you be asked in an admissions interview ? You hope for the Admission Tutors to make you an offer. What are the expectations you need to meet? 


Receive guidance and practice with our teacher who was invited to interviews for admission to the medical schools of the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the Imperial College School of Science, Technology and Medicine and the University College London, London University. He choose to go to University College London Medical School.

Invitation for interview to read Medical Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge University

Invitation to interview for graduate-entry medicine course at Oxford University

Invitation to interview for admission to School of Medicine at Imperial College, London University

Invitation to interview for admission to Medical School at University College London, London University

Unconditional Offer for Medical School, University College London, London University