Students attending Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Primary Schools in Singapore follow a well-defined Science syllabus.

The learning journey can be divided into a Lower Block (Primary Three and Primary Four) and an Upper Block (Primary Five and Primary Six).

The topics are inter-related, anchored by fundamental scientific principles, processes and thinking skills.

Here is a simple overview.

Primary Three

Theme: Diversity

1. Diversity of things

– their characteristics and classification

(Living & Non-living)

2. Diversity physical properties of materials


Theme: Systems

1. Plants

– parts and functions

2. Human digestive system

Primary Four

Theme: Cycles

1. Life cycles of plants and animals


2. Three states of matter and their properties

– solid, liquid, gas


Theme: Energy

1. Light and shadows

2. Heat and temperature

Theme: Interactions

1. Magnets

Primary Five

Theme: Cycles

1. Human reproduction

– inheritance of characteristics

2. Plant reproduction

3. Water cycle


Theme: Systems

1. Cells

– structure and functions

2. Plant transport and gaseous exchange

3. Human respiratory and circulatory systems

4. Electrical system


Primary Six

Theme: Energy

1. Sources of energy

– photosynthesis, respiration, digestion (Living)

2. Forms and uses of energy

– KE, GPE, heat, sound, light, electricity, elastic PE, chemical PE

– energy conversion

Theme: Interactions

1. Forces

– gravitational, frictional, elastic

2. Living together

– populations, habitats, communities

– living and environmental factors

3. Food chains and food webs

– producers, consumers, decomposers

– preys, predators

4. Man’s impact on environment

– reduce, reuse, recycle

5. Adaptation

– structural, behavioral