Under Singapore’s compulsory education system, mathematics and sciences have well-defined syllabuses. We include them here for your easy reference. Please note that schools may cover the topics in different sequence and to different extent. This is especially true for Secondary Schools.

Information is up to date as of January 2018.

Lower Secondary Sciences

Physical properties Forces  
Light – Reflection, refraction, lenses. Energy & work done Heat energy and its transmission
DC electricity Practical uses of electricity  
Chemical composition of matter Particulate nature of matter (model) Chemical changes
Separation techniques Atoms & molecules  
Cells (model) Digestion Diversity
Transport in living things

* Diffusion, osmosis, active transport, membrane biology, plant transport.

Human sexual reproduction Ecosystems
SEAB: Lower Secondary Science Syllabus 2013

2018 O Level Biology Syllabus 6093

2018 O Level Chemistry Syllabus 6092

2018 O Level Physics Syllabus 6091


Secondary 1
Factors & multiples

* HCF, LCM, prime factorisation, index notations, square/cube root

Algebraic expressions & formulae Simple equation with 1 variable
Real numbers Algebraic manipulation Angles, triangles & polygons
Approximation & estimation Number patterns Simple inequalities <, >, ≤, ≥
Ratio, proportions, rate, speed Linear graphs & coordinates. Y=mx+c Perimeter & area of plane figures
Percentage Data analysis

* Graphs, tables, charts

Surface area and volume of prisms, cylinders & composite figures
Secondary 2

* length and area scales

* direct and inverse proportions

Graph of quadratic equations Congruence and similarity
Expansion & factorisation of algebraic expressions Simple algebraic fractions Data analysis

* Mean, median, mode

* Dot diagrams

* Histograms

* Stem & leaf diagrams

* Grouped data

Solving quadratic equations Linear equations with 2 variables Measurement of pyramids, cones & spheres.

* Surface area, volume

Pythagoras’ theorem Trigonometric ratios of acute angles

* Sine, cosine, tangent

Secondary 3
Indices & standard form Congruency & similarity tests Arc lengths, sector areas & radian measurements.
Quadratic equations Properties of circles Quartiles & percentiles
Linear inequalities Trigonometry application Set languages & notations
Functions and graphs Coordinate geometry  
Secondary 4
Distance-time & speed-time graphs Sets Vectors
Standard deviation, mean, medians, quartiles, percentiles Matrices Probability of combined events
Statistical data analysis, box and whisker plots  Frequency, cumulative frequency curves and tables  
SEAB: O Level Mathematics Syllabus

O Level Additional Mathematics Syllabus