Under Singapore’s compulsory education system, mathematics and sciences have well-defined syllabuses. We include them here for your easy reference.

Information is up to date as of January 2018.


Lower (P3 &P4) Life Cycles of Animals Three States of Matter
Upper (P5 & P6) Inheritance of Characteristics Human Reproduction
  Reproduction in Plants Water Cycle
Lower (P3 & P4) Magnets (characteristics, use, induction, destruction)  
Upper (P5 & P6) Forces
*elastic *frictional *gravitational

Food chain & food web
*producers *consumers *decomposers *predators *prey

Living Together

*population *habitat *community
*effect of environmental conditions, e.g. light, temperature, air flow, soil.

*structural *behavioural

Man’s impact on environment

Lower (P4) Light

*sources *shadows

*transparent / transluscent / opaque

Heat & temperature

*sources *flow of heat *heat gain / loss

*changes in states of matter

*contraction / expansion

*good and poor heat conductors

Upper (P5 & P6) Energy in living systems

*photosynthesis *respiration *digestion


*heat, light, sound, KE, PE, electrical


Sources of energy  
Lower (P4) Organization of human body into systems Parts of a plant
Digestive system  
Upper (P5 & P6) Cell structure and function Plant transport system
Air composition and human respiratory system Electrical system

*components *series *parallel *safety

Human circulatory system  
Lower (P4) Characteristics of living and non-living things Classification into living and non-living things
Unicellular vs multicellular organisms. Plants, Animals, Fungi, Bacteria, Yeast.
Physical properties of materials

*strength *flexibility *transparency *waterproof *density

SEAB: MOE Primary Science Syllabus 2014 P3+ Cohort


Whole Numbers Area of triangles
Fractions Volume of cubes and cuboids
Decimals Simple algebra

* Unit conversions

* Money, length, mass, volume, time, area, perimeter


* // lines, ⊥ lines, symmetry

* angles

* triangles

* squares, rectangles

* parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus

Ratio Geometrical figures

* nets

Percentage Average
Charts and Tables (data analysis) Speed
SEAB: MOE Primary Math Syllabus 2013 P1+ Cohort