Exhibit A supporting Claim for payment default by Loh Meng Chong Stanley & Loh Hui Xin Cheryl

Exhibit A


The terms of engagement and Claimant’s contact number are on Claimant’s website. [Exhibit A, Pages 1-5]


On the contact page of the website, Parents are instructed to take note of the “Fees and Payment Terms” before they get in touch.



The terms of engagement for tuition services include:-

Clause 3. “…… In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or school activities, please let the teacher know at least one day in advance. This will help in the re-scheduling of lessons. If no notice is given, and your teacher turns up for the lesson, the lesson will be charged. “

Clause 5. “Payment is at the beginning of the month for all the confirmed lesson dates only…” 



There were no waivers or exceptions for Mr Loh Meng Chong Stanley or Ms Loh Hui Xin Cheryl (Respondent). There were no protests or objections from them. At that point in time, Mr Loh Meng Chong Stanley and Ms Loh Hui Xin Cheryl did not come across as English illiterate or functionally incompetent with English comprehension. Non-enforcement of contract did not constitute a waiver.

Supporting evidences:

Claimant informed Mr Stanley of bank account for receipt of fees by bank transfer after 2nd lesson.

After the second lesson with Respondent on 14 January 2018, Claimant recommended Mr Stanley to make payment by bank transfer for tuition fees in an SMS on 15 January 2018. Mr Stanley was also informed of purchase of a practice book for Respondent. Claimant’s bank account was provided to Mr Stanley for payment of tuition fees and reimbursement of book purchase. All communications acknowledged by Mr Stanley.

After a delay of many weeks, Mr Stanley make payment in cash…

Supporting evidences:




St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Secondary 2/6/14

Mr Loh Meng Chong Stanley & Ms Loh Hui Xin Cheryl, UMS Holdings Limited

76 Bayshore Road, #29-19, Costa de Sol, S(469990), 96367640

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