Default by Loh Meng Chong Stanley

Why do some professionals that deal with accounts and tax not know basic IRAS guidelines?


Exhibit F below supported Claim for default in payment by Loh Meng Chong Stanley & Loh Hui Xin Cheryl


Exhibit F submitted to the Small Claims Tribunal: IRAS guidelines and written confirmation on the need to issue receipts.

Claimant is a non-GST-registered small business.

IRAS confirmed, by reference to publicly available guidelines on its website and in writing, that Claimant’s understanding still stands correct, that there is “no need to issue receipts if you adopt practices that can ensure the completeness and accuracy of the recording of all your sales receipts.”

“You do not need to issue receipts if you adopt practices that can ensure the completeness and accuracy of the recording of all your sales receipts.”

From: IRAS – SE
Sent: Friday, 24 August 2018 9:55 AM
Subject: RE: RE: S7138 : NAAS :General tax matters : BT-6-6906-20180819

Dear Mr Lee

We refer to your email of 19 Aug 2018.

You must issue serially printed receipts and keep a duplicate of the receipts if your gross income in any year is more than $12,000 from providing tuition services. However, you do not need to issue receipts if you adopt practices that can ensure the completeness and accuracy of the recording of all your sales receipts.

Thus if your current practice is sufficient to record all of your sales receipt accurately, you need not issue receipts to your customers.

Hope the above clarifies.

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Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Nur Adillia Ayoub (Miss)

Senior Tax Officer

Individual Income Tax Division

for Comptroller of Income Tax


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Sent: Sunday, 19 August 2018 12:51 AM
Subject: General tax matters : BT-6-6906-20180819

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Your query:
Income tax on businesses

Description of the Enquiry:
I am a tuition teacher.

I am not operating a tuition center. I am not a GST-registered business.

Currently, I send a simple invoice to my customers (parents of students) by SMS/WhatsApp, stating pertinent details such as dates of lessons, number of lessons, amount, and bank account for receipt of payment. I keep records of dates of lessons and records of payments.

I will like to confirm if it is obligatory under the law for me to issue receipts to my customers? Is it compulsory under the law to issue receipts to customers who pay cash?

From IRAS’ guidance notes posted on its website, I understand that I can choose not to issue receipts for less paperwork. Is this correct?

Kindly confirm.

Thank you.

Even a GST-registered business can choose not to issue receipts, as long as it keeps proper records for tax purposes.