After School Guidance

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Stay On Track

Time is limited. Effective learning gives your child more time for other activities, including play.

Focused learning ensures that your child reap maximum dividend.

Our teachers are mindful of personal objectives to keep your child on track to meet his or her academic goals.


  • Guided
  • Comprehensive
  • Enjoyable
  • Goal-orientated
  • Effective
  • Successful

Our Experienced  Teachers will

Understand the goals of your child. 

Keep the student mindful of the academic expectations.

Go through in details the key concepts, knowledge, skills and best practices.

Tap on their experiences to set the broader context and real-life relevance of topics learnt.

Provide targeted practices for students to sharpen their answering techniques, developing competency and speed.

Constantly revise and reflect on what your child learnt in earlier years.


Doing well in an examination is not our goal.

It happens. Always.