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Most students in Singapore receive compulsory education in national schools. We run a complementary tutorial programme for young children and adolescents to perfect their core knowledge and skills. Students receive support in their learning journey from highly-experienced teachers in interactive lessons, modeled after the tutorial format of University colleges.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand,” Albert Einstein was famously cited. Emphasis of our tutorials is on understanding of the underlying logical concepts, and the application of relevant skills to produce high-quality answers. Using case studies and representative questions, tutorial students are exposed to different ways to apply those concepts and skills. They are also given variant questions to test their assimilation. This helps to build experience and confidence in the students.

Tutorials are conducted by teachers who are subject matter experts. All are graduates or post-graduates from top-tier universities (such as Cambridge University) in their subject area. They are also experienced, having taught for at least 10 – 20 years. None of our teachers are students, undergraduates or recent graduates. Parents can take comfort in the fact that the expertise and experience of the teacher is not a limiting factor.

[We have teachers teaching specific subjects according to expertise and experience. Please do not have a narrow expectation of certain gender, race or age.]

Learning is individualized (1 to 1) or limited to very small groups of less than 5. The teacher can address specific gaps in knowledge and deficiencies in skills, competencies and attitudes of the particular student. The student progresses at his/her own pace. Learning tasks are customized to reinforce content competency and desired skills.

This contrasts with the standardized instructions delivered to groups of around 40 students in national schools, and groups of 15-25 students in international schools. The student that is a slow learner will struggle to cope while the fast learner will not feel challenged. Due to time constraint, a student may not receive complete attention from his school teacher.

We plan the learning for the students using conditioning techniques from behavioral psychology. For the learning to be successful, students must be interested, motivated to put in effort to complete the work assigned and to attend tutorials as scheduled. If attendance is intermittent or interrupted by a long break, the effectiveness of the conditioning will be reduced. Tutorials are not intended to be last-minute cram classes. Effective learning is a life-long quest, not a 50m sprint after a year of neglect.

For classes at the teacher’s place, we are located at Bedok North Road. It is within walking distances of Bedok MRT station (EW5, East-West Line), Tanah Merah MRT station (EW4, East-West Line), and Bedok Reservoir MRT station (DT30, Downtown Line). Schools within walking distance include Red Swastika School, Anglican High School, Fengshan Primary School, Bedok Green Primary and Secondary Schools, Yu Neng Primary School, Haig Girls’ School and Saint Anthony’s Canossian Primary and Secondary Schools.

Some parents prefer to have private classes (home tuition) for their children at their home. Please contact us with your requirements.

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” B. F. Skinner, Harvard behavioral psychologist.