Introduction to English Tuition by our experienced tutors and ex-MOE school teachers

English is one of the most widely spoken language worldwide.

During English tuition for the younger students, we focus on the basic rules of the language, including grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, to build a strong foundation. In national schools, students learn new words to expand their vocabulary. We build on that and stretch the students further by schooling them in the finer art of using rhetorical devices such as alliterations and onomatopoeias, metaphors and similes, idioms and proverbs.

For all students, we create realistic scenarios, refer to real-world events and give students opportunities to present, explain, opine, synthesize and substantiate arguments. We probe them to think deeply, brain storm possibilities and consider morals, principles and ethics.

At all levels, we emphasis the development of good writing skills. A good piece of writing is a deliberate exercise, carefully  planned and thought out. We focus on the planning, structure and different elements of good writing. Students  usually start with creative and situational writing and progresses to expository, narrative and argumentative writing.

Our teachers actively encourage students to read from different age-appropriate genres, to appreciate the perspectives of successful writers, to comprehend, critically dissect and analyze writings and to widen their range of vocabulary and writing style.