Introduction to Math Tuition by our experienced tutors and ex-MOE school teachers

Mathematics is indispensable in everyday life.

Whether we are reading time, making informed decisions on personal finances or evaluating statistics in news reports, we are making use of our mathematical knowledge and skills. We determine time, distance and speed when we travel. We estimate packing volume and compare prices when we shop online. Probability informs us should we ever consider games of chances. Even if a student does not require Mathematics in his or her future professional career, it will be highly beneficial for him (her) to do well in Mathematics.

During Mathematics tuition, we focus on the clear-minded understanding of mathematical concepts and the learning of thinking skills. We place great emphasis on the process of carefully analyzing and interpreting data, thinking critically and logically, evaluating creative and abstract outcomes and, finally, a neat and concise presentation. For older students, we ensure that their pre-requisite knowledge and skills are adequate for the level. We make no assumptions about the student’s ability. We do not emphasize students doing a mind-numbing number of math problems and we do not need to “spot” questions.

In school, students may get the impression that they are learning different topics. Here, we help you to see the relationship between the topics and we show you how mathematical concepts and skills can be applied across different topics. Our teachers will guide students on the thought processes and the approaches (methods/heuristics) to apply when trying to solve mathematical problems. We look at real life applications (“situations”) so that students get a better learning experience and see the relevance of what they are learning.