We offer:

  • private classes (1 to 1) at the home of the student
  • private classes (1 to 1) at the home of the Teacher
  • group classes, at the home of a student, Teacher or in a physical classroom
  • real-time lessons in an interactive online classroom

To bring out the best in your child

We keep the class size small to give every student the extra attention they need. The teacher can address specific gaps in knowledge, and deficiencies in skills, competencies and attitudes of the particular student. The student progresses at his/her own pace. Learning tasks are customized to reinforce content competency and desired skills.

1 to 1

The best teacher : student ratio is attained with bespoke home tuition where the focus is on the child alone. Here, the weakness of the student gets undivided attention.

The contrast is with the standardized instructions delivered to groups of around 40 students in national schools, and groups of 15-25 students in international schools. The student that is a slow learner will struggle to cope while the fast learner will not feel challenged. Due to time constraint, a student may not receive complete attention from his school teacher.

Group Tuition

For students to benefit from group tuition, they need to be at the same level of competency, using the same learning materials and progressing at the same rate. Please try to form your own tutorial group. The best tutorial groups are with your classmates or schoolmates. It is less beneficial to parachute into an existing group as topics covered will not be repeated. Alternatively, express your interest to join new tutorial groups.