Chinese Tuition by experienced ex-MOE Teachers and Tutors.

Mandarin Chinese is the language with the largest number of native speakers worldwide. A student competent in this language earns the ability to communicate with a substantial population of people.

During our classes, our teachers aim to instill in students an interest for the language and an understanding of Chinese culture, literature and history. We highlight the significant values, morals and principles of life to be learnt, and their relevance in present day context.

To attain mastery of the language, students need to be competent in listening comprehension, oral discussion, reading comprehension and literary composition. We coach students to fluently and comfortably express themselves in everyday situations, graduating to presentation to an audience, expressing their thoughts, opinions, feelings and arguments. Our teachers will guide students to appreciate and produce different genres of writing, including narrative, expository, argumentative and situational writing. We assist students with school materials if such assistance is beneficial. Our objective is always to enable the student to excel.

Our teachers have been covering Chinese and Higher Chinese for all levels for more than 20 years.


我们培养学生对华文的兴趣, 提高他们对中国文化,文学和历史的理解, 尤其是其中所教导的重要价值观,道德和做人原则。

为了让学生学以致用,终生受惠,我们利用日常生活,实际情况来教学。老师会提供许多辅助性教材,如报章、课外读物等。我们帮助学生加强听,说,读,写的能力。老师会指导学生们如何分析,了解和描写记叙文、说明文、议论文和实用文。所谓熟能生巧, 学生们会有很多机会发表他们各人的思想,观点,情感和论据。