Tuition fees to engage tutors and former MOE school teachers

Calendar for 2021 School Year

Term 1Mon 4 January – Fri 12 March
Term 2 Mon 22 March – Fri 28 May
Term 3Mon 28 June – Fri 3 September
Term 4Mon 13 September – Fri 19 November

Number of lessons per Term: 13

Important Exam Dates (estimated)

(for local students)

Primary 6 Mid-Year OralWeek 3 in April
Primary 6 Mid-Year ExamsWeek 1 to 2 in May
Primary 6 Prelim OralWeek 1 in August
Primary 6 Prelims [SA2]Week 3 to 4 in August
PSLE Oral Exams 12 and 13 August 2021
PSLE Written Exams 30 September – 06 October 2021
O-Level Oral Exams July to August 2021
O-Level Science Practical 1 to 15 October 2021
O-Level Written Exams 18 October – 13 November 2021

* Do note that the academic year for Primary 6 and Secondary 4 are shorter.

Tuition Fees

LevelsPrimary 1 – 4
Lesson duration90 min
Fees$50 per hour
LevelsPrimary 5 – 6
Lesson duration120 min
Fees$55 per hour
LevelsSecondary 1 – 2
Lesson duration120 min
Fees$60 per hour
LevelsSecondary 3 – JC 2
Lesson duration120 min
Fees$65 per hour

Terms of Engagement

1. Rate is for private tuition for an individual student. If you are a group of two or more students, please check with us for group rates.

2. If you want the teacher to go over to your place, your place must be within 30 minutes of travel by public transport. Travelling is time-consuming and has a cost. A small additional charge of $5/hr applies if Google Map shows that it takes more than 30 minutes to reach your place by public transport.

3. If face-to-face lessons are not convenient, you can arrange for interactive online lessons with the teacher. You may get more lesson time as time is saved on commuting.

4. Payment is at the beginning of the month for all the confirmed lessons in that month. We do not require payment for the entire term or year. We do not require registration fees or security deposits. We are the ones teaching. You do not need to pay any kind of agency fees. You will only need to reimburse the teacher for the cost of materials that your child will keep.

5. Payment will be on a pro-rata basis for the first month for students starting in the middle of a month.

6. Before the start of the month, please plan and fix the dates for all tuition lessons in that month with the teacher. As the parent, you will know the school’s time-table, and the schedule of other activities (e.g. swimming classes, music lessons, holidays). If you have a preferred time-slot, please let the teacher know as early as possible. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or school activities, please let the teacher know at least one day in advance. This will help in the re-scheduling of lessons. If your teacher is not notified at least a day in advance of any change in agreed schedule, the lesson will be charged. The teacher needs to plan and prepare for lessons and s/he can only do so for lessons that are confirmed and paid for. Kindly agree to lesson dates in writing, e.g. via WhatsApp.

7. Additional revision tutorials can be scheduled during the holidays, and in the two weeks prior to the school exams. A post-mortem class is held once the exam papers are returned.

8. We can have small group tuition only if the students are at the same competency level and using the same materials.

9. We do not offer a stand-alone trial lesson. Unlikely an enrichment center, the teacher does not follow a fixed lesson plan where your child is just an extra head-count in class. A single trial lesson is unlikely to be representative of regular lessons. Further, we need a workable schedule for regular lessons.

10. On the first lesson, please orientate the teacher with helpful information, such as your concerns, preferences and expectations, past exam results, feedback from school teachers, behavioral issues and learning disabilities. The teacher will spend some time identifying root causes of poor performance and areas of weakness to work on with the student during the first lesson. These allow the teacher to employ the appropriate range of materials and methodologies subsequently.

11. For international schools, International Baccalaureate, and Integrated Programme students, please look at the equivalent grades.

12. Payment must be documented, such as by bank transfer, cheque or PayNow. Please do NOT pay cash. For payments from overseas, we have cost-effective solutions for you. We can accept crypto-currencies too.