Introduction to Science Tuition by our experienced tutors and ex-MOE school teachers

Science is a body of knowledge accumulated through the process of inquiry. In our tuition classes, the learning of Science can be sub-divided into three broad areas.

The first focus is on knowing the basic facts, the well-established core of scientific knowledge. This core is simple and logical. Our teachers deconstruct the topics into  bite-sized learning blocks for our students. We ensure that our students clearly understand the scientific concepts. We help to explicitly define for our students the core knowledge that is a “need to know” and the broader content that is a “good to know”. During tutorials, we provide a perspective of the topic different from lessons in school and we guide them on the expected learning outcomes.

The second focus is on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and knowledge. We relate the application of science to objects and situations in daily life. We explain the relevance of science to topical issues in our society. Popular topical issues include the ethical considerations during modern scientific research and the environmental impact of human activity.

The last focus is on the process of scientific inquiry itself. This is subdivided into skills such as the formulation of hypothesis, the correct design of experiments, the collection of data, the graphical representation of data, and its analysis and interpretation. Younger students often come across test of such skills in questions with key words like “Define”, “Describe” and “Explain”.

Students need to excel in these three areas. We assess the ability of our students and adjust our teaching to build upon their existing foundation. Along the way, they will learn scientific vocabulary and concise scientific writing. Over time, our tutorial programme guides students to be exceptional in all of these domains.

In lower secondary school, the science curriculum includes topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. From Secondary Three, students may select some or all of these subjects for their exams. Our teachers are trained in these sciences to post-graduate levels at top-tier universities, and have taught for more than 10 years. Please be assured of expert guidance and continuity in your learning journey.