Primary. Secondary. Junior College.

GCE. Integrated Programme (IP). International Baccalaureate (IB)

New year.

New hurdles. Additional challenges.

Through these all, we offer an experienced guiding hand.

$50/hour for Primary 1-4.
$55/hour for Primary 5-6.
$60/hour for Secondary 1-2.
$65/hour for Secondary 3 to JC Year 2.

Payment is on the first lesson of each month.

Three choices:

1. At home of the student (1-to-1 or small group tuition)
2. At home of the teacher (1-to-1 or small group tuition)
3. In a classroom (> 4 students only)

Class size

We keep the class size small to give every student the extra attention they need.
Our teacher can address specific gaps in knowledge, or deficiencies in skills, competencies and attitudes of every student. Students find lessons less generic and intimidating.