Results leap after home tuition for Bedok North Secondary School student

Student: Boy

Tuition subject: English and E Mathematics 
Level: Upper Secondary
School: Bedok North Secondary School, merged with Damai Secondary School

Start tuition: Tuition started in Secondary 3 at beginning of 2017. These are the results at the start of tuition.

  CA1 SA1
English 71.3 [A2] 52.8 [C6]
E Mathematics 35.8 [F9] 25.0 [F9]

After tuition: These are the results in the second half of the year.

  CA2 SA2
English 63.5 [B4] 46.0 [D7]
E Mathematics 59.8 [C5] 50.8 [C6]

Duration of tuition:

For every subject, 2 hours per lesson, one lesson per week.

CA1 & SA1 results before tuition