Testimonial for tuition by Bedok North Secondary School student who got B4 for English and B3 for Math in O-Levels.




Bedok North Secondary School

(merged with Damai Secondary School)

Tuition subjects:

English and Mathematics


Upper Secondary

Before tuition:

Beginning of Sec 3 in 2017

English63.5 [B4] 46.0 [D7]
Mathematics35.8 [F9]25.0 [F9]

After tuition:

At end of Sec 3 in 2017

English71.3 [A2] 52.8 [C6]
Mathematics59.8 [C5]50.8 [C6]

GCE O-Level

English B4

Mathematics B3

L1R4=13 after deductions, went to poly biomedical engineering

Duration of tuition:

2 hours per subject per week

Student had very poor grades before home tuition. D7 for English and F9 for Math.
Beginning to see improvement with tuition. English improved from D7 to C6. Math improved from F9 to C6. Student will go on to improve further with consistent effort and help from tutor.