This is a small selection of the actual results of our students.

We do not make up testimonials. We show you the actual results from the report books and, the replies sent by the parents.

We help our students to be successful. We do not limit intake to students achieving good grades or students from top schools so that we can brag about “A”s and “A*”s. An A-grade student is more likely to maintain standards with tuition and go on to do well in an exam. For weaker students, it is harder for grades to improve as standards step-up with each academic year. We aim for an improvement in the grades of all our students. 

From their baseline, we help our students to set realistic goals. After identifying deficiencies in learning and hurdles to overcome, we recommend remedies needed to plug the gaps and we chart their progress. Parents get regular feedback from us.

All identifying information is redacted to protect the privacy of the individuals.