Here is an outline of the basic Mathematics syllabus for lower secondary students attending Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Secondary Schools in Singapore.

For students attending IP, IB and international schools, the topics are generally similar, although the sequence and depth of coverage may vary.


Secondary One

1. Factors and Multiples


– prime factorisation, index notation

– square root and cube root

2. Real numbers

3. Approximations and Estimations 

4. Algebraic expressions and formulae

– simplify, factorize

6. Simple equation with 1 variable

– solve

7. Algebraic manipulation

8. Ratio, Rate, Speed (2nd half of year from this topic onwards, usually)

9. Percentage

10. Number patterns

11. Coordinates & linear graphs

12. Simple inequalities

13. Perimeter and Area of plane figures

14. Volume & Surface Area of solids

15. Statistics – data handling

Secondary Two

1. Proportion

– length and area scales

– direct and inverse proportions

2. Expansion and factorisation of algebraic expressions

3. Solving quadratic equations

4. Graphs of quadratic equations

5. Simple algebraic fractions

6. Linear equations with 2 variables

7. Pythagoras’ Theorem

8. Trigonometric ratios of acute angles

– sine, cosine, tangent

9. Congruence and similarity

10. Measurement of pyramids and spheres

– surface area and volume

11. Data analysis

– mean, median and mode

– dot diagrams

– histograms

– stem and leaf diagrams

– grouped data

12. Probability

Mathematics is one of the easiest subject to get an A1 in the O-Level. So, if you are not performing up to par, you may want to get guidance ASAP.