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Level Subject Topic Comments File
Primary Science Energy   Notes – Pri – Sci – Energy – Watermark
    Water Cycle Drawing from United States Geological Survey
  English Oral PSLE – Practice Guide Notes – Pri – English – Oral Practice – Watermark
    Creative Writing Characters, Settings, Structure, Logic, Topic focus, Language  Notes – Pri – English – Creative Writing – Method to Madness
Secondary Science Membrane/  Separation Technique Supplementary Notes: Reverse Osmosis – Theory & Practical Applications Notes – Sec – Sci – Reverse Osmosis – Desalination – Separation Technique – Watermark
    Transport Systems in Living Things Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport Notes – Sec – Sci – Diffusion – Osmosis – Active Tpt – Watermark
    Particulate Nature of Matter States of Matter, Kinetic Theory, Brownian Motion  Notes – Sec – Sci – Particulate Nature of Matter – Watermark


Please note that content will be adapted for every student. Some content may exceed the requirement of MOE’s curriculum for said school level. The intention is to explain basis of concepts, wider applications of subject knowledge and to position student for the next level of learning. Our teachers will highlight to students accordingly during lessons.