All Singapore citizens born in Singapore and living in Singapore when they are due for Primary One registration are required to attend a national primary school for six years unless an exemption is granted by the MoE.

Compulsory education aims to help every child attain:

  • Common knowledge that will provide a firm foundation for further education.
  • Common school experiences that will help build national identity and encourage social cohesion.

Use the SchoolFinder (2023) to get more information on the Primary Schools you are interested in.

Once a student has completed his/her Primary School education and is ready to move on to the next stage of his/her learning journey, (s)he applies for entry to a Secondary School in Singapore (2023). This interactive list gives information on subjects offered, electives and programmes, CCAs, talent areas for DSAs and the score range of PSLE students entering Secondary 1.

Interested to know your options after your Secondary education, use the MoE Course Finder

Once you have selected the school for your child’s compulsory education, consider engaging one of our experienced tutors to guide your child along his/her learning journey. Our tuition services cover the core subjects of English, Chinese, Math and Sciences.